Gippsland Trail Riding

What a great club ride we had at Erica on the 10th of April!  Erica native Linda Ewings led this ride, with Sylvia as Trail Boss,  new member Julie Taylor as F.A. and Kelli riding drag.  Also along were Linda B., Wendy, Cynthia, Kelli, Sharon, Alison & Shelley.  We got away pretty much on time, and followed bush tracks parallel to the road for  a couple of kms before crossing the bitumen and heading off into unknown territory for most of us.  What is not to love about the bush at Erica?  Linda led us up, down, over and around a most enjoyable route, with a bit of something-for-everyone.  No incidents, no accidents,  no idea where we’d been but we had a ball …. And most importantly, arrived back in Erica with plenty of time to enjoy lunch at the pub!   The problem with this of course, is that most declined Linda’s offer of another couple of hours riding in the afternoon….except for Sharon & Julie, so as most of us were packing up for the drive home those three headed out again.  We were joined for lunch by Helen & Kieran (who were staying at their cabin in Rawson), Alison’s husband Ian and Wendy’s husband Mat.  The weather was kind to us, tracks in good condition and no complaints from anyone!