South Gippsland Horse Trail Riding Club Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Club.

Q. How do I join Sth Gippsland Horse Trail Riding Club ?

You can contact our Membership Secretary by email
or you could also make contact via facebook 

Q. Where do you ride ?

We ride mostly in Gippsland but this does not limit us as we sometimes have camp overs in distant areas like the High Country or East Gippsland.. We have our monthly club ride and at various times we add extra rides into our calendar.

Q. How much is it to join ?

At the moment it is $20.00 to join our club plus $100.00 to ATHRA totalling $120.00 This is always subject to change and will be affected by ATHRA charges.

Q. Do I have to join to ride ?

No you don't. Although we would love it if you did. There would however be a day ride fee to cover ATHRA insurance for the ride.

Q. How much is it if I just want to ride for the day ?

$30.00, this covers ATHRA insurance for the day.

Q. Do I need to wear a helmet ?

All persons under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet.

Q. What footwear should I wear ?

Good  solid footwear with no tread is preferred.

Q. What time do you usually ride out ?

Usually 10am as many of our members like their sleep in. Although this time may vary according to the ride involved.

Q. Do I need my own horse or are they supplied ?

We do not supply horses I'm afraid. You really need to bring your own.

Q. How much experience do I need before riding with Sth Gippy ?

Our ride groups cater for every level of rider.

Q. I'm just getting back into riding after quite a break, is that ok ?

It certainly is ok. We will cater for whatever level of rider you are.

Q. I don't like to canter, is this a problem ?

Not a problem in the slightest.  We walk mostly. There are opportunities to trot and canter at times but no one is compelled to. We will split up the group for those that want to walk.

Q. Do I need to carry food or water ?

It is always advisable to carry water and a saddlebag lunch.

Q. My horse doesn't always float well. Can I get some help ?

Certainly. We have all been there and needed that :) Our members are always willing to help another rider with their horse. Situations sometimes arise where the calmness of a group can become a benefit.

My horse may kick. Is it ok to bring him on a club ride ?

Yes. Horses that may kick are asked to tie a red ribbon on their tails or attach one of the red stickers that we supply. Everyone should be aware enough to give a horse showing some red plenty of room.

Do you have a question that isn't here ? The find us on facebook or shoot an email to and ask us now. Only too happy to find an answer for you.